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'; entry = blankFrameTop + formatting1 + tip + formatting2 + blankFrameBottom;;; } hometip = new Array('Angelfire (now from Lycos) also offers free email, has Basic & Pro Editors and counters. On the down side, it has no directory assistance, has a stingy server and a scary interface!
Read more at CNet', 'Crosswinds, though popular for it's unlimited space has received a lot of complaints about content deletion and slow speed. Free POP3 email and counters provided!', 'Fortune City is a unique free homepage service that uses a city theme. Even though it provies 20MB of space, one individual file can't be bigger than 1MB!', 'Geocities is definitely the most populated free homepage service around. With it's new interface and faster server, Geocities has emerged as the winner, atleast for CNet. It also includes free email, and a free guestbook. It's share of problems include an irritating watermark and annoying adds!', 'The Globe isn't just free homepages, but also free active-x games, chat rooms, shopping material, lots and lots of mailing lists, and other rubbish. It's service is average!','Because Homestead is relatively new, it's less populated, meaning less communties and less traffic. On the brighter side, it also means a fast server and generous space. It's also feature rich, like a homepage builder with built in templates compatible with even a MAC. Read more at CNet!', 'Hypermart is restrictive to businesses. It allows CGI-BIN access alongwith 10MB of space. It also supports FrontPage extensions!', 'Rediff on the Net - a synonymous name with shopping in India, also offers free email and 11MB homepages. Ideal for Indian users, this service though feature-less, is fast and easy to use!', 'Anybody who chats here knows that they provide free homepages too with a free chat room. Slow, and you have to enroll to get one!', 'Tripod is the 2nd largest free webpage service, offering 11MB of space with a free guestbook, free chat room (NEW), counters, a vast community, and a banner exchange program. It also has a Basic & Pro WebPage builder, and is highly integrated with FrontPage98. Cons : it's pop-up ads!
Read CNet's reviews','Xoom may be new, but it's got what it takes. With a free homepage, you can also opt for a free chat room, guestbook and counter. It may not be ideal for novice users, because of it's poor webpage builders and online publishing tools. Click here for more info!', 'The not so well known free homepage sites!'); howtofax = new Array('Check the coverage list first:

To send a fax by e-mail, send a message
Where <info> contains information for the cover page. In <info>, "/" is turned into a line break and "_" is turned into a space. For example:
To: remote-printer.Arlo_Cats/', 'Step 1:The mail should be sent to the following address

Step 2:The subject line should contain the following
FAX_NUMBER (Replace NUMBER with the telephone number)

Step 3:Now type the matter which you want to send in the BODY of the message. It should only be TEXT (Pictures will get delted automatically)') function setright() { var totalwidth=screen.width var aw=screen.availWidth var newwidth=totalwidth-30 if(awFOR BEST RESULTS, PLEASE MAXIMIZE THIS WINDOW!!!')} if(document.layers) {var doc='document.', vis='.visibility'; if(totalwidth==1024) { eval(doc + 'email' + '.left' + '="270"'); eval(doc + 'email' + '.top' + '="180"'); eval(doc + 'homepages' + '.left' + '="270"'); eval(doc + 'homepages' + '.top' + '="180"'); eval(doc + 'webmaster' + '.left' + '="270"'); eval(doc + 'webmaster' + '.top' + '="180"'); eval(doc + 'chat' + '.left' + '="270"'); eval(doc + 'chat' + '.top' + '="180"'); eval(doc + 'movietickets' + '.left' + '="270"'); eval(doc + 'movietickets' + '.top' + '="180"'); } else if(totalwidth==800) { eval(doc + 'email' + '.left' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'email' + '.top' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'homepages' + '.left' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'homepages' + '.top' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'webmaster' + '.left' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'webmaster' + '.top' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'chat' + '.left' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'chat' + '.top' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'movietickets' + '.left' + '="195"'); eval(doc + 'movietickets' + '.top' + '="195"'); } } } //-->
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Free homepage from TRIPOD.COM

Free Email

Asking someone's email is as good as asking his name. And don't blame him if he changes it every month, thanks to the 5000 free email services around. His parents:

Provider Email Quality POP3 Forwarding Web based
Beer Average no no yes
Bigfoot Good no yes no
Snap Average no no yes
Eudora Good yes no yes
Excite Good no yes yes
ForFree V Good yes no yes
Hotmail Average no no yes
Lycos Good no yes yes
Mailcity V Good no yes no
MyOwnMail Poor no yes yes
MyPad V Good yes yes yes
Netaddress Good yes yes yes
NetForward Poor no yes yes
Netscape Good yes no yes
Personal Average yes no yes
WoWmail V Good no yes yes
All of them  

What the hell is POP3? (hotmail users read this)

IS THIS YOU : you wait for half an hour to connect to the internet, then open and wait for another half an hour for you account to open (if you're lucky), then scroll down and try to see if you've got any new messages and then finally open your new messages. If yes, you might want to read this.
POP3 helps you do half of that.

POP3 uses your email application (Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora etc etc) to get your mail. ALL you need to do is configure it. How do you do that? First, check if your mail service has POP3 (check above). Yes, hotmail doesn't have POP3. In fact, it's so damn slow, that once you've started using POP3, you'll wonder why you used HOTMAIL in the first place. And if you're beginning to worry, please note that THIS WON'T MAKE YOUR COMPUTER CRASH OR SUDDENLY DIE OF A VIRUS ATTACK. Once, you know that your mail service is POP3 enabled, just configure it using the below settings:
Incoming mail server :
Outgoing mail server :
Incoming mail server :
Outgoing mail server :
Username : your email address

If you still have problems, email me.

Which one should I take?

If you're asking me the best out of all of them, not even Bill Gates could give a correct answer. But after looking up more than 15 different web sites regarding free email services, this is the general opinion:

The best ones :
MyOwnMail,, MORE
The ones to avoid :
Starmail,, MUCH MORE

If you have registered yourself with any of the above, most probably, HOTMAIL, you may be offended. However, before you decide to spam me with hate mail, I suggest you try another service first. If the feeling still lasts, here is my email address.

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