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CNet's (Rating:5),

Undoubtedly the best freeware (or for that matter shareware) site on the Internet. It's so well categorized and documented, that you'll wonder why you went searching all over for something that has been reviewed, rated and compared. A must visit.

ZDNet's Freeware Library (Rating:4.5)

This amazing site from Ziff Davis Computing is some what similar to CNet. It's also got great sections like HOT 100 Downloads, What's New plus small but trusted reviews for each download. Must visit.

Freeware Home (Rating:4)

This site is incredible. It's got so much software that you'll forget what you actually came for. It's also got great categories to choose from, and a very easy navigation thanks to frames. Mirror sites available. A bit slow because of frames.

Internet Freeware (Rating:4)

From free email to free greeting cards to free software, this site has is a bomb. It's got the best for everyone, even for those still using DOS & Win3.1. Includes Top 25 Downloads, New Stuff, Message Board, Hot Links (must check this!!) and a search tool. Carefull though, it's got really confusing navigation. ONLY NET STUFF.

Freeware Publishing Site (Rating:3.5)

For a Windows95/98 user, this site is like a dream come true. Beneath the sticky & irritating interface is a plethora of the best freeware on the planet. Slow.

Freeware Plus (Rating:3.5)

If you're looking for a no-nonsense, simple, easy to use freeware site, Freeware Plus is exactly that. Look out, this site includes some shareware also!

Freeware files (Rating:3.5)

You can find lots of cursors, wallpapers, screen savers and startup screens here. Not the best collection of software, but worth a visit.

Freeware Now (Rating:3.5)

They too, like Freeware Files, give lots of screen savers, wallpapers, desktop themes and stuff like that. It has a good section on games.

Mega Web Tools (Rating:3)

A good resource for web tools.

Mega Web Tools (Rating:3)

One of the sexiest looking homepages I've seen. But that's about all. (Inlcudes very good MP3 Links)