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CNet's (Rating:5),

Undoubtedly the best shareware (or for that matter freeware) site on the Internet. It's so well categorized and documented, that you'll wonder why you went searching all over for something that has been reviewed, rated and compared. A must visit.

ZDNet's HOTFILES (Rating:4.5)

Who hasn't heard of Ziff Davis Computing. The people who bring you the best magazine, PC Magazine, also host HOTFILES aka the 'Software Library' with loads of high quality, tested, reviewed software. A little slow, but worth the wait.

Steve Jenkin's WINFLES (Rating:4.5),

Some of the best Windows shareware can be easily found on this site, thanks to a familiar navigation chart. Includes an annual 'Winners' list, which lists the best shareware/freeware for the year. Limited software.

Tucows (Rating:4)

Tucows has been around for quite some time. During that time, it's been able to place mirror sites around the world, which means you get faster downloads than most other sites.

Dave Central (Rating:3.5)

Top 5 downloads, Animated GIF of the day, Download notifier ( a java applet that you can put on your home page informing you about the latest software) plus much more!

CMPNet's FILEMINE (Rating:3.5)

CMPNet, the WINDOWS MAGAZINE guys, give you all that you need to run your Windows operating system.

Softseek (Rating:3.5)

Even though it's a take off from CNet's DOWNLOAD.COM, they've got stuff that you'll never find at CNet. Nice first page, but a lousy interface.

File Dudes (Rating:3)

I would have given this one a higher rating for it's absolutely wonderfull collection of software. But that's about all. No reviews, no ratings, nothing. (Rating:3)

I was impressed by the HOME PAGE, depressed by it's pathetic collection of software. Only 32 bit software.

Dan's World (Rating:3)

Easy interface, the newest software, small but well written reviews. Collection of software is poor.

File Factory (Rating:3)

This one's dedicated to games.