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tHe ReAl ThInG, bAbY!

Interested in any?



OK. So what's the hype about? Why waste that precious time online just to hack into someone's computer and irritate the guts outta him?
    Because you can have all the time in the world online.
I'm not here to tell you how to do that, nor do I support using someone else's account. Just so that you know that 9/10 chances are that your account's already being used. Sorry again.

AS Passwords

It's the most popular query on search engines. So why the secrecy? I don't know myself. With hundreds of floating passwords around, access to BabylonX is really nothing to write about. So I'll let you do the hunting.

The MP3 Revolution

I presume you guys already know what MP3 is about. If not, I suggest you take up a job at NASSCOM. At least they'll teach you the basics.

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